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Lawrence De Maria's thrillers and mysteries are read the world over.


THE DRONE (A Jake Scarne Thriller): “No matter what the series, De Maria’s characters are sure to act with boldness and courage. When I first discovered this author, I turned to his first book, Sound of Blood, purchased used, a signed copy, now one of many I have read, and I now read each new paperback as soon as it is published. Pleasures to read, sure entertainment, don’t even try to anticipate the twists and turns, as true as the statement about reality — you could never make this up!”

TURTLE DOVE (An Alton Rhode Mystery): “You won’t be sorry reading this humorous, amorous, adventurous book … happy to have discovered this author.”

SPLICER (A Jake Scarne Thriller): “With all the news about the recent pandemic out and about, De Maria has captured the threat of a genetically modified “bug” that could be weaponized.”


THE END OF US (A Cole Sudden C.I.A. Thriller): “This is a cracker of a H bomb terrorist plot. A story very well told and written. Great bunch of characters and fast paced. Enjoyable.”

HOPE (A Jake Scarne Thriller): “Another brilliant read in an ever-increasing catalogue of great stories. Never disappoints and with great characters reappearing, this book is highly recommended once again.”

SISTER (An Alton Rhode Mystery): “Yet another classy read from the excellent pen of Mr. De Maria. Brilliant characters, a terrific storyline and would recommend this author without any misgivings. Kept me enthralled from beginning to the end.”


A JAKE SCARNE ACTION THRILLER BOX SET: “Good paced stories with interesting characters. Enjoyed and will read more. Would definitely recommend. Look forward to more by author.”


ALAS, PARIS (A Thriller): “I have read many of De Maria’s books, and find them unfailingly entertaining. Engaging dialogue, venues with enough descriptive detail to interest experienced travelers, scenes played out with gastronomic expertise, all while partnering with attractive and attentive characters of both sexes. And finally, for me, the writing in Chapter 14 was perfection. 


THE VIRON CONSPIRACY (A Jake Scarne Thriller): If you enjoy conspiracy theories, this is the book for you. Well written plot and characters, fast paced, detailed mystery.


ALL RHODES LEAD TO MURDER (Box Set): “I have just finished the 5-volume series, and wished there were more.”


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